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Did you know the average time for your resume to impress a recruiter is just 5 seconds? The wrong resume layout can make the difference in how a potential employer looks at you. has a deep insight into what hiring managers and potential employers are looking for. This is because we have over 4000 recruiters partnering with us for our services. We bring our experience to you by creating FREE resume templates that are suited for different kind of industries and candidate experience.

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  1. We have already said it’s a free resume builder service and it will always be so.

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Tips to writing a resume that will impress recruiters

Hiring managers are a jaded set of people. All the flowery language and verbal gymnastics will not camouflage the facts that they are looking for. Yet putting down a factual list of details is not good enough either. As service partners of many corporates, we know exactly what recruiters are looking for. So whether you create resume online using a resume template or do it the old fashioned way through a word document, here are a few tips

  1. Choose a resume format that is professional

  2. Many job seekers are stumped for choice when they are faced with the different download resume formats available. If they have been involved in a hiring capacity themselves in their previous jobs, it is much easier. Candidates who are fresh to the job market or only a few years into their careers might find this choice hard to make. Remember the rule: If the resume template seems over the top, then it is. A good idea is to start with the standard formats and look at variations of these.

    Here are the 3 kinds of formats that work best.

    1. Reverse Chronological Resume

    2. this resume format is the most popular choice and fits in particularly when you have a few years of work under your belt. By focusing on most recent positions it brings your latest job into focus and is a format recruiters are most used to.

    3. Functional Resume Format

    4. When choosing this resume template, be careful as it focusses on skills and ability rather than experience.

    5. Combination Resume Format

    6. This starts with a career summary which is a snappy way of showcasing your professional profile and skill sets. It then continues with the experience spotlight. This is the best format for those who are considering a career change or have many years of experience.

  3. Stick to facts but add a little personality

  4. One big mistake candidates make is to use big words rather than sticking to simple, clear and direct language. You don’t want to sound like everybody else, so drop those over used clichés. It should focus on the key facts that the recruiter will be interested in – how many people as a manager you supervised, what budgets you controlled. In short, back up your achievements with numbers that show in black and white what you have accomplished. While you are being factual show some personality by putting these facts across in a way that your personality comes across. A tall order? Try it and see how it works.

  5. Make your resume searchable by using relevant keywords

  6. Nowadays all career sites and most companies are using ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) to screen candidates for particular job openings. If your resume does not have the keywords that the software is looking for, you might not even come up for consideration. One way to bridge this gap is to look at the job profile and include those keywords in your resume. This can mean some small changes to your resume format every time you apply for a job. Try it and watch this effort pay off.So while a free resume template has enough features to get you started, the way you write your professional resume is just as important. Make use of all the writing tips included in our online resume formats to get you started. Wishing you all success!

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