Mail parsing

If you are a recruiter and receiving hundreds of job applications via email each month and you find yourself doing tedious manual data entry then's mail parser is for you.

Extract candidate data from emails. Automate your hiring process.

Forward emails with resume attachments to get structured candidate data in return and save hours of manual data entry.

Capture data from incoming emails and send it to where it belongs to./p>

Use case 1: Job mail box.

A job posted on resumemantra has a unique email address. Example:

Step 1: Forward emails which have resumes in their attachments to

Step 2: extracts all relevant data fields from the resume.

Step 3: Create a applicant for the job and stores the data in your Candidate Database.

Use case 2: Recruiter mail box.

resumemantra provides a unique email address for all the signed up employers/ recruiters. Example:

Step 1: Forward email which has resume as attachment to

Step 2: extracts all relevant data fields from the resume.

Step 3: Stores the data in your Candidate Database.


How many emails can I forward on a daily basis?

You can forward unlimited number of emails on any given day.

How long does it take to extract data?

It takes a few seconds to extract data and send it where it belongs to. You should be able to see the extracted data in Candidate Database in a few seconds. We will also send an email notification once the data is available in Candidate Database.

Is there a specific email address from which the forward is expected?

Yes, its generally the email address you used during the signup process. But you can set it to any in the settings page.

Can I forward zip file as an attachment?

Right now we accept only files with .doc, .docx, .pdf and .rtf extensions. Zip files is a future implementation.

How will I know if the email I forwarded was actually parsed?

We will send a email notification to you once the parsing is complete.