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Create a responsive careers page with resumemantra. All your job listings will be published as part of the careers page. You don't need any IT experience to create a mini site which takes a few minutes.

Building a careers page is simple and easy.

Organization name

Create a new organization account using your recruiter login. The organization account name can contain alphabets (a-z) numerals (0-9) and a hyphen (-). This will automatically create a brand new Careers page on resumemantra.

Careers page url

Access your careers page here The careers page contains your company's overview and link to the jobs published.

Company overview page

Before you start

As with any writing task, first you need to identify your audience and your goal: whom you are writing to, what they care most about, and what you want them to do or feel afterward. These will be different for every organization. For example:

Audience: new graduates in the U.S. interested in marketing and advertising.

Goal: raise awareness of your company’s employer brand and drive traffic to your Careers Page and job postings.

Some of the key components of a organization profile summary

1. Say what you organization does

Sum up professionally in 2-3 sentences. Think of what you want your audience to remember the most about your organization.

2. Say what’s in it for them

Tell your candidates some value they’ll get by working at your company.

What’s unique about the opportunities you have to offer? What makes your company special? Why are you recruiting for your company and not the company down the street?

For Example:

We’re a unique agency. We’re big enough that we can offer world-class training and mentoring, but we’re small enough that we can offer direct access to leadership. Our new graduates learn and get exposed to far more than they ever would in other agencies.

3. Tell them what to do next

Inviting your candidates to connect and start a dialogue is a great way to end organization profile summary.

Check out, and follow me on resumemantra @fabrikamorganization for updates on current opportunities.

You can take the pieces you like best and craft your own. Whatever you do, don’t leave it blank. Your organization profile summary is a strategic piece of content that can make sourcing candidates easier.

Open positions

This page lists all the active jobs currently your organization is recruiting for. And this page makes it easier for candidates to apply.