Custom job application forms

resumemantra parses extracts about 76 fields from the resume a candidate uploads but some of information which is important to make a hiring decision may not be part of the resume. In this scenario a job application form comes in handy. This form covers essential information to help make a hiring decision.

A sample application form

1) Are you eligible to work in the US? 2) Are you willing to relocate to Seattle? 3) Do you have a college degree? 4) Do you have more than 5 years of work experience? 5) If given an offer would you be able to join us in 4 weeks?

You can edit these questions to suite your requirement. The answers will be always either a Yes or No. Based on the answers from the candidate the system will notify you if the candidate is eligible or not. Questions can be no more than 5. This is to make sure the application process is quick.

Application forms saves a lot of time in Screening and Prioritizing a candidate. All eligible candidates are given more attention.

Create the application forms you need for each job

Every company has their own way of hiring. Use resumemantra to create an application form for each job to ensure that every candidate is asked the right questions and assessed consistently.

Templates to assess shared needs

Companies have shared sets of values, departments have shared sets of needs. Use resumemantra to create templates for use across the company, or per department. Share these with hiring managers as they add custom questions for the role.

Link application form to any job

You can link the saved application forms to any job.

See application results individually or in aggregate

When application forms are complete, they’re available for review by the team. View each application form individually, or see the combined results on one report.