Hiring Team

Hiring Teams exist in typically every hiring scenario and include individuals involved in the recruiting, interviewing and selection process. This team holds the key to successfully hiring and on-boarding new employees. The number of individuals involved and their responsibilities may differ from company to company, however, the roles typically include:

  • Recruiter/ Team Member
  • Hiring Manager

Create a hiring team

Create a hiring team for your organization. By default there will be three roles assigned to each hiring team. They are Admin, Hiring Team Manager and Team Member. Admin role is not removable where as you can remove team manager and team member from the roles. By default organization it self is a hiring team.

Add users to the hiring team

You can add or remove users from the Hiring Teams. Every user in the hiring team should have a role. Typically a hiring team comprises of multiple recruiters and a hiring manager.

Roles has permissions

Each role has a particular permission which is editable. For example a Hiring Manager can post or delete a job but a team member cannot do so.

Assign jobs to a hiring team

Each job could be assigned to a individual team member and a hiring team.