Hiring Dashboard

Getting a clear picture of your current hiring status is essential when planning where to focus your efforts next. resumemantra’s intuitive interface keeps the whole team up to speed.

The resumemantra dashboard


Get a snapshot of your current hiring status. See how many candidates are at each stage of every job and use this as your launchpad.



Multiple custom hiring pipelines

If your company recruits across a diverse range of roles, keep a structured hiring process in place with multiple custom hiring pipelines.

Available as part of a custom annual plan, multiple pipelines can be tailored to your key positions. The flexibility they provide is perfect for hiring managers and resumemantra's structured setup benefits heads of department, with consistent account-level reporting.

Your recruiting inbox

When you’re hiring for multiple positions the Inbox becomes a to-do list you can really action.

Get notifications when:

  1. you’ve received an email from a candidate
  2. candidates reach the end of their snooze period
  3. you’re mentioned by a team member
  4. you’ve received a calendar invite
  5. you have an interview scorecard to complete

For every notification, there’s a corresponding action: email candidates, accept invites and leave messages for co-workers without ever leaving your resumemantra's Inbox.