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Resumemantra is a free applicant tracking system for recruiters and employers. Our goal is to make the hiring process simple and efficient. Job seekers can take advantage of our world class resume builder to build their resume free of cost.
Why choose Resumemantra

Applicant Tracking System for Recruiters

Sourcing right candidates is the first requirement of the hiring process. The Applicant Tracking System ensures to screen candidates by industry and help you to identify & hire the best. Maintaining a candidate database and tracking applicants is automatic with resumemantra. The cloud based system ensures that the entire database is centrally located and can be accessed anytime.

Data Safety

Your data is safe with us

Resumes are safe at resumemantra. Resumes/CVs are parsed and imported into the private candidate database where they can be easily segregated & create successful hiring pipeline for various job roles. With these resumes, HR Team can use them instantly or for future needs. The resume parser extracts about 76 fields from applicant's profile and stores the structured data in your candidate database.

Resume Database

Proactively source resumes from our resume database

The Resume database facilitates proactive candidate sourcing, enabling HR to fill open positions indigenously. Engage, hire and grow your workforce with resumemantra, the cloud based platform to streamline your hiring process with best practices.

Talent CRM

Nurture relationships over time

Source new talent & nurture relationships over time and manage all your communication from one place with resumemantra. People Search is available for all recruiters to search using key words, skills, location or name. It's a text based search engine and you can search with any text.

Resume Builder

Build a world class resume in a few minutes

Upload your resume with us to land at your destined job.

Job Advertisement

Post and advertise jobs at no cost

Post a job, it's free in resumemantra. Get started with us. Fortune 500 companies use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to screen prospective resumes. Job seekers can increase your chance of getting shortlisted by uploading your resume in resumemantra. With large companies & recruiters connected with us, get started to find your dream job with resumemantra.

Candidate Sourcing for Staffing Agencies

Sourcing candidates is probably the most valuable recruiting skill for anyone concerned about hiring high-quality talent.

Careers pages

Create a responsive careers page with resumemantra. All your job listings will be published as part of the careers page. You don't need any IT experience to create a mini site which takes a few minutes.

Job advertising

Job posting in resumemantra is free and there is no sign up required. In 5 minutes your job could be posted to major job boards and social networks.

People search

People search is available for all recruiters. Search using key words, skills, location or name. Its a text based search engine and you can search with any text.

Resume parsing

Resumemantra takes out data entry from hiring process. Upload resumes to resumemantra and see candidates appear in your hiring pipeline. Our resume parser extracts about 76 fields from applicant's profile and store it in your candidate database.

Applicant Tracking System for Recruiters

ATS will help employers and recruiters to track and manage candidates during the hiring process. ATS provides a central location to easily access candidate profiles and work on them.

Hiring dashboard

Get a report on current hiring status. See how many candidates are at each stage of every active job.

Applicant tracking

It is important to review each candidate when you receive their application for a job. The candidate profile displays all information at one place.

Candidate profile

A full view of all information related to candidate can be viewed in the candidate profile. You can add notes, send messages to candidates, attach documents and update current status of the job application in candidate profile.

Applicant Dashboard

Applicant dashboard gives a view of all applicants and their recruitment phases (New, Shortlisted, Hired, Rejected).

Recruitment Software with Talent CRM

Build a Talent Pool and nurture relationships over time.

Talent Pool

When using resumemantra to source new talent, add the most promising candidates to your Talent Pool. Nurture relationships over time and manage all your communication from one place.

Snooze candidates

When you've found a great candidate but circumstances mean they're not available for hire right now, put them on 'Snooze'. This is effectively pushing a pause button on the recruiting process.

Candidate database

The candidate database allows you to keep track of the best applicants and prospects for current and future positions. Never lose a great candidate to your email inbox.

Application Tracking System for Job Seekers

Get updates on your job applications instantly. Notifications will be sent to your email when there is a change to your job application.

Application tracking

It is important to get updates on your job application. Get instant updates when recruiter makes changes to your application. Whether you are hired or rejected you will know immediately. Manage all your applications at one place.

Recruiter profile

A full view of all information related to recruiter can be viewed in the recruiter profile. You can follow or send messages to recruiters.

Resume builder

Create a prefect and professional resume using our resume builder in a few minutes. The resume will be available online and you can also download it in these formats (doc, docx, rtf).

Resume templates

There are about 10 professional resume templates available to choose from when you are building your resume. These are always available and you can switch the templates with click of a button.

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