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A professional resume is key to get recruiter's attention and maximize the chances of getting interview calls. Our resume builder will assist you in a step by step process. Our online forms has auto suggest and auto complete features. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete your profile. All this information is converted into world class resume templates. You can download all the resume templates in Word format for free.

resumemantra will convert your profile information into world class resume templates almost automatically when you use the connect using Facebook, LinedIn and google plus options. resumemantra will import your information from LinkedIn, Google Plus and Facebook and create your resume instantly. To learn more about importing your profile information from LinkedIn check this blog post. LinkedIn Profile to beautiful resume. (Opens in a new window)

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Maximize your reach by claiming your URL in resumemantra. Check out a sample public profile URL here (Opens in a new window)

Get noticed by the Employers by sharing this online URL of your resume. This easy to remember URL ( is always online 24X7.

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Search and get connected with Employers on resumemantra. Your full profile and contact details are shared only with these employers. You will get notified when a new job is posted or updated by the Employer in your network. Send and receive messages from your Employer Network.